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The TaxBanter team.

Meet our amazing support team.

With a wide variety of experience and skill sets, our extended support team keeps TaxBanter running on a day-to-day basis. From venue hire to podcast recording, to trainer logistics and website maintenance, we make sure everything is running smoothly for our clients, along with writing and maintaining all of the supporting materials used in the training sessions.

If you have any questions for us or the trainers, contact us using our contact page or via email at – we’d love to hear from you.

Linda Barr

Business Operations Manager

Linda joined TaxBanter in 2016 as an Administrative Assistant, and stepped into a temporary role as Training Operations Manager before becoming Business Operations Manager in 2019. Prior to TaxBanter, Linda held various positions as conveyancer, English conversation instructor, insurance service specialist and publishing assistant.

Outside of work, Linda enjoys hand lettering, finding tasty things to eat around town, and watching bad action movies.

Adrian Bessell

IT Manager

Adrian joined the team in 2018 and comes from a diverse IT career spanning 15 years, working in a wide range of fields including finance, health, education and private enterprise. He has worked performing support duties, project roles and has experience in taking IT platforms forward with new technologies.

Outside of work he enjoys spending time with family, working on the house and garden, and playing hockey and golf. Okay, not so much the house and garden part.

Claire Barry

Administrative Assistant

Claire began working with Webb Martin Training in 2000 as a junior Administration Assistant in the production team. As the company grew, experiencing mergers and acquisitions, she further developed her skills are her role evolved under the banners of Webb Martin Training, Tribeca and Kaplan Professional. After three years in a similar administrative role with Practising Tax and after starting her family, Claire joined the TaxBanter team in 2014.

Joe Edgley

Marketing Consultant

Hailing from the great southern waters of Tasmania, Joe began his career in marketing in 2012 working in the engineering equipment industry. After gaining further experience in various marketing roles in the education and insurance industries, Joe joined TaxBanter as the marketing manager in 2017.

Joe oversees the day-to-day running of marketing activities at TaxBanter, and also advises on strategic marketing direction to enable TaxBanter to continue growing as a leader in professional tax training and specialist training services.

Elizabeth Gaarenstroom

Administrative Assistant

Elizabeth began her working career in 1974 at National Mutual in new business/proposals. In January 1976, Elizabeth joined the Freight Branch at the State Transport Authority (aka Victorian Railways) where her duties were varied and centered around the employees: medical condition, payroll and promotions. After taking some time away from the workforce to start her family, Elizabeth brought her administrative skills to Webb Martin as receptionist in 2005 and then similarly to Cyntax in 2008. Elizabeth joined the TaxBanter team in 2011 in her current role following Cyntax’s acquisition by TaxBanter.

Steve Griffiths

Content & IT Manager

Steve joined the TaxBanter team when Kaplan’s tax training arm was acquired in 2010; where his role involved IT, projects and curating TaxBanter’s library of materials. His role continued its evolution to development and implementation of new solutions for both client training and the TaxBanter business. As TaxBanter continued to grow, he handed over his IT hat in 2018 so as to focus back on business solutions and projects to keep TaxBanter providing quality services to our clients. At the same time he started as Producer for TaxBanter’s podcast ‘Tax Yak’.

Lacey Jarvis

Marketing Manager

Lacey received her Bachelor of Science in Advertising from Kent State University in 2012. She moved to Melbourne from Charlotte, North Carolina in January 2017 (after holidaying here and not wanting to leave) and has greatly enjoyed being part of the TaxBanter team since 2018.

She currently contributes to and leads a variety of projects, along with managing all marketing strategy and operations on a daily basis.

In her free time, she enjoys going to the beach, photography, learning new things, and brewing craft beer.

Elizabeth Micallef

Accounts Administrator

Liz began her working experience at the age of 16 as a junior with the Permanent Building Society of Victoria. She survived several mergers and changes throughout the financial sector to end up at the original Bank of Melbourne.

After 23 years of banking experience, Liz felt it was time to move on from Banking to the Foreign Exchange sector where she worked for American Express as a Customer Service Officer for 4 years.  

Then moved onto the Over-50s Friendly Society as an Accountants Assistant, learning all the aspect of the accounts, Invoicing and payroll.

In January 2011, Liz joined TaxBanter as Accounts Administrator, seeing the company grow and the changes throughout the years to where it is now.

Liz enjoys holidays gardening and catching up with friends.

Belinda Smith

Training Operations Manager

After completing VCE in 2004, Belinda began working with Webb Martin Training as an Administration Assistant in the production team. Over the following nine years, Belinda has progressed to the role of Training Operations Manager, and experienced numerous mergers and acquisitions – having worked under the banner of Webb Martin Training, Tribeca, Kaplan professional, and now TaxBanter.

Belinda’s role as Training Operations Manager encompasses the day to day management of the production team, producing/managing client training schedules, liaising with current and potential clients as well as the organisation of the public training program, including venue liaison. TaxBanter benefits greatly from Belinda’s unique and valuable experience gained from her role evolving under the perspectives of many banners.

Victoria Stevens

Administrative Assistant

Victoria joined TaxBanter’s administrative team in mid-2018 where you’ll find her finalising and distributing training materials, keeping our Tax Library up to date, assisting with training registrations and covering some reception duties.

As she is in the administrative role, she enjoys contributing to the bantering rather than the taxing. Out of office hours, she is either doing hip-hop yoga, hiking, or eating spicy Thai foods.