Tax Yak – Episode 53 – Catching up on cases #2 – the medical world

Nicole yaks with Graeme Prowse (Director of Webb Martin Consulting and TaxEd) about a few of the biggest tax cases in the medical industry over the past 20 years – Healius, Optical Superstore and Moffet

Is a medico operating from a health service aggregator (e.g. a super clinic) technically an employee? What are the superannuation obligations?

If a medico is paid a lump sum to operate from such an operator, is this amount revenue or capital in nature?

Do you know whether the payments between the clinic and the medical practitioner are subject to payroll tax?

Host: Nicole Rowan, Senior Tax Trainer (TaxBanter) – Nicole on LinkedIn

Guests: Graeme Prowse (Director – Webb Martin Consulting and TaxEd) – Graeme on LinkedIn

Recorded: 30 April 2021