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The Superannuation Legislative Landscape

The Government’s Fair and Sustainable Superannuation Reforms have now been in place for over a year and the measures announced in this year's Federal Budget continue to make changes to the superannuation environment. It is with some challenge that we...

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Tax Fundamentals: CGT Events

  Pop quiz! … How many CGT events are there? Our Tax Fundamentals trainer, Lee-Ann Hayes asks this question often of her groups and enjoys the varying replies she gets back. She has heard everything from five to 200 CGT events. Occasionally, someone is...

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The work-related expenses tax gap

On 12 July 2018, the ATO published the income tax gap for ‘individuals not in business’, comprising around 9.6 million individuals who are not in business and earn income from salary and wages and investments. The estimated net tax gap for these individuals...

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Tax Fundamentals: What advice can I rely on?

  In 2015, the Government released its tax White paper titled ‘Re:think Tax discussion paper’. As part of the discussion on complexity, the paper noted: In the 1950s Australia had a tax system made up of around 1,080 pages of tax law. … Now we have...

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SG Amnesty: Q&A

Background On 24 May 2018, the Government announced a one-off, 12-month Superannuation Guarantee Amnesty (the Amnesty), and introduced legislation into Parliament, which allows non-complying employers to self-correct any unpaid superannuation guarantee (SG)...

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