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Our in-house sessions are based on the duration, frequency of your training program and your location. In order to obtain a quote specific to your firm’s training requirements, please contact us by one of the methods below:

Our in-house sessions are based on duration of the session and are not affected by the size of your group. Based on monthly, 2-hour sessions, in-house training would become the most logical and cost effective option compared with attending regular public sessions with 5 or more of your staff members. 

We can certainly note your preference for certain trainers and/or training styles and will accommodate your preferences wherever possible. We always welcome your feedback.

In terms of pricing, we are very competitive for the quality of the training and the technical materials we deliver.

As we travel and train in multiple locations, we are able to provide a broad overview of regional differences and trends. The value is in the quality of our sessions and materials, which are the best in the industry.

Further, our training can offset the time currently required for your staff to prepare and deliver internal training, as well as reducing the cost and downtime of your staff having to attend external training. Over time, the relationship you build with your trainer(s) will be a unique one - in that they will be able to offer guidance with your specific client base and issues throughout sessions.

TaxBanter has continued to provide training and assist with the training needs of our clients throughout the Covid pandemic.

During lockdowns or restrictions where it has not been possible to present our regular in-house training and face-to-face public sessions in person, we have provided this training online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

As easing restrictions have then allowed for some clients to resume onsite training, we have done so -  providing that local guidelines and TaxBanter’s COVID-19 policy can be met to ensure the safety of our trainers and clients.

Our online webinars are a different product than our face to face training, so we cannot switch your registration over.

Our online sessions are split into two separate streams – the tax update and the special topic. They run for 90 minutes each and so are a little more comprehensive than the combined face to face session.

You can still receive CPD points by reading the materials which you have received.

TaxBanter is not a membership organisation. We offer training in two main formats:

  1. In-house, which is generally arranged on a yearly contract basis;
  2. Public (both face-to-face and online), which are sessions that you can register for on our website. They are available to purchase in a series, or individually.

We are happy for you to use our blog articles in your newsletter, provided that you credit the article back to us and provide a link to our website.

At this time our training materials are for training purposes only, and are not available for purchase separately.

You are welcome to send a different staff member to the session in place of another. Please just let us know their full name and email address so we can note this on our records.

We are currently not accepting any materials written by individuals outside of our organisation.