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TaxBanter 2019 Special Topics.

Our Special Topics are practical yet detailed analyses of topical areas of tax law or practice.

All sessions are available to purchase as LiveOnline training, or as recordings if that topic has already been presented. Special topics are also presented at our Public Session training across Australia.

View a preview of each special topic below.

January: Tax advice — managing a risky business

  • When the advice turns out to be wrong
  • How to get some certainty
  • When certainty is not achievable — try risk mitigation
  • The safe harbours

Feb: Superannuation guarantee — looking back and moving forward

  • When and how the obligation to make SG contributions falls on employers
  • Making use of the SG amnesty
  • Reporting obligations
  • Consequences of non-compliance — the ATO’s increased enforcement powers

March: Tax and the three Rs — repairs, renovations and replacements

  • The statutory deduction for repairs
  • When repairs are capital: the perennial income/capital conundrum
  • Apportioning expenditure on repairs

April: Trustee reporting obligations — casting a wider net

  • The reporting and withholding obligations
    on trustees making distributions
  • Whether family trust elections provide
    compliance savings
  • Reporting the correct information in the Trust’s tax return

May: Taking stock of the changes from 1 July 2019

  • Working out what needs to be done before
    30 June 2019 to benefit from proposed
    legislative changes
  • Getting ready for the changes due to
    commence on or after 1 July 2019

June: Small business CGT concessions — selling shares and units

  • The additional basic conditions that must be satisfied when the asset is a share or a unit
  • The legislative changes imposing further basic conditions
  • The new modified active asset test for sales of shares and units
  • The additional conditions when a replacement asset is a share or a unit

July: Taxing cars

  • The tax treatment of different types of vehicles under the Tax Law
  • The methods available for claiming car expenses
  • Substantiating deductions claimed
  • FBT implications if a car is used for private

August: Property development: GST

  • Identifying when a property development constitutes an enterprise
  • The GST implications for the enterprise
  • When a change of intention in relation to a property  development has GST consequences
  • The new GST withholding rules and property development

September: Property development: Income tax

  • Distinguishing between property held as trading stock, a capital asset or a revenue asset
  • Implications of changing intention in relation to a property
  • Dealing with property development costs for tax purposes

October: Mystery Topic for 2019 is…

Employer or contractor: An identity crisis

  • The principles for distinguishing between an employee and a contractor
  • Why the distinction matters
    Dispelling some myths
  • The risks for employers of getting it wrong

November: Company directors: Tax responsibilities

  • An overview of the general law duties imposed on directors
  • The responsibilities imposed by the Tax Law on directors personally
  • Understanding the limited defences available to directors regarding their tax exposure
  • Tax treatment of directors of companies engaging in phoenix activity

December: PAYG Revisited

  • When the Tax Law requires a withholding from a payment
  • When and how a rate of withholding can be varied and penalties for getting it wrong
  • When a taxpayer must pay income tax by instalments
  • When and how instalments can be varied
  • Penalties for shortfalls on assessment