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Tax Yak – Episode 4: Payroll tax – the state of play

Raise the subject of payroll tax in a conversation with an employer and they will tell you it’s one of the most unpopular taxes in the country.

Host Robyn Jacobson yaks with TaxBanter and Webb Martin Consulting Director Michael Doran about why employers still need to pay close attention to their payroll tax obligations.

Michael explains how the harmonisation of payroll tax across the states and territories has improved things, and comments on the key issues that attract litigation. And the Tax Yak crew discuss the impact of Single Touch Payroll on payroll tax.

And find out why Michael is fond of payroll tax!

Host: Robyn Jacobson

Guest: Michael Doran

Recorded: 19 October 2018

Tax Yak – Episode 3: Company tax rates (some certainty at last)

Now that there is at least a bit of certainty on the corporate tax cuts, the Tax Yak crew are raring to yak about the new base rate entity rules! A topic that has been in limbo for a long time.

So what certainty do we have and what do the new rules mean for corporate taxpayers and their shareholders?

Host: Robyn Jacobson

Guest: Neil Jones

Recorded: 5 September 2018

Tax Yak – Episode 1: State of the nation

In this, our inaugural, episode of Tax Yak, what better place to start than the state of the nation tax-wise!

Host Robyn Jacobson yaks with TaxBanter Director Neil Jones about the Australian tax landscape – What’s coming? What might we see?

In this time of political unrest, we consider the Federal Opposition’s plan for the tax system and discuss the implications should they gain power at the next Election.

Host: Robyn Jacobson

Guest: Neil Jones

Recorded: 5 September 2018

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