Federal Budget 2023–24: Tax bills status

5 May, 2023

The last sitting of Parliament ended on 30 March 2023. It will reconvene next Tuesday 9 May when the Government’s Budget is introduced into the Parliament as a collection of appropriation bills and the Treasurer makes a speech to the House of Representatives at 7.30 pm to introduce the bills.

Both houses of Parliament will sit from Tuesday 9 to Thursday 11 May 2023. Parliament will debate and consider the appropriation bills in the same way as other proposed legislation.

The Government has already announced some tax and superannuation measures which will be included in the Budget — on Monday we will be releasing a Banter Blog article setting out a round-up of the tax and superannuation announcements on the eve of the Budget.

Before Budget night comes around with a swathe of expected and unexpected new measures, now is a good time to take stock of the measures which were announced by the current or previous government.

Commitments in the 2022–23 October Federal Budget

The following tables set out the status of the measures announced by the Government in the October 2022–23 Federal Budget handed down on 25 October 2022.

Tax measures announced in the October Budget — enacted

Table 1

Tax measures announced in the October Budget — not yet law

Table 2.1

Table 2.2

Superannuation measures announced in the October Budget — enacted

Table 3

Related measures announced in the October Budget

Table 4

Measures announced by the previous government

The following is a status update of measures announced by the previous government which had not been enacted by the time the Albanase Government took office.

Tax measures announced by the previous government — enacted

Table 5.1

Table 5.2

Tax measures announced by the previous government — not yet law

Table 6.1

Table 6.2

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In the lead-up to Budget night next Tuesday, 9 May, this article is a stocktake of the status of tax and superannuation measures announced by the Albanese Government in their October 2022 Budget and the unenacted measures they inherited from the former Morrison Government.

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