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Tax Yak – Episode 48: When is an individual taxpayer a resident for taxation purposes?

When is an individual taxpayer a resident taxpayer? This is a question fraught with complexity. The team discuss the four tests legislated and reflect on guidance issued by the courts in relation to the application of these tests.

Subsequently Lee-Ann and the Michaels discuss the recent changes proposed by the board of taxation and how this has worked in other common law jurisdictions which used to rely on the same tests as Australia

Host: Lee-Ann Hayes, Senior Tax Trainer @ TaxBanter

Guests: Michael Bode & Michael Messner, Senior Tax Trainers @ TaxBanter

Recorded: 29 October 2020

Tax Yak – Episode 47: Division 7A Subdivision DB, Section 109 Q and common Division 7A tricks and traps

In this episode of Tax Yak, George Housakos yaks with Arthur Athanasiou, Tax Partner at Thomson Geer, about Division 7A. Arthur takes us on a deep dive into the Division 7A relief as they are increasingly relevant to our tax yak audience due to impact of COVID-19. He also provides some timely reminders to tax practitioners.

Host: George Housakos

Guests: Arthur Athanasiou, Tax Partner @ Thomson Geer

Recorded: 27 July 2020

Tax Yak – Episode 46: Government Stimulus Response to the Coronavirus and other Tax Measures

In this episode of Tax Yak, Neil Jones yaks with The Honorable Michael Sukkar MP about the Government’s response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. It was only in December 2019 that the MYEFO was handed down; Australia was planning to return to surplus, and the Federal Budget was scheduled for May.  How has 2020 unfolded from the Government’s perspective and what does the future hold in tax?

Host: Neil Jones

Guests: The Honorable Michael Sukkar MP – Minister for Housing and Assistant Treasurer, Liberal Party and Member for Deakin Victoria in the Morrison Federal Government

Recorded: 28 July 2020

Tax Yak – Episode 45: Work-related expenses mythbusting

In this episode of Tax Yak, a number of our Senior Tax Trainers gather to correct some of the misinformation around Work Related Expenses (WRE). They also discuss important changes to making WRE claims, and explain what can and cannot be claimed. A useful reminder for Accountants and Taxpayers alike.

Host: Lynne Gibson

Guests: Lee-Ann Hayes and Jenny Daborn

Recorded: 17 July 2020

Check out our Banter Blog covering further info on WRE here.

Tax Yak – Episode 44: Singapore Tax Law

How different is the Singapore Taxation system from the Australian Taxation System? In this episode of Tax Yak, Lee and the Michaels yak with Adrian Sham to understand the workings of the Singapore Tax System.

The discussion covers a broad introduction of the Singapore Taxation system, including the basis of the law, tax treatment of different income items, tax rates, types of taxes, policy making, engagement with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore and the working and taxation of the Singapore retirement fund.

The podcast concludes with another round of TaxBanter Trivia.

Hosts: Lee-Ann Hayes, Michael Bode, Michael Messner

Guest: Adrian Sham, Director of Taxation Services @ Grant Thornton Singapore

Recorded: 6 July 2020

Tax Yak – Episode 43: Public practice from a client’s point of view

In this episode of Tax Yak, the Michaels yak with Ollie Visser about about his experience in public practice and now as a CFO of a large firm. The discussion covers client relationship management and how to improve the relationship with clients. Further Ollie and the Michaels discuss how clients best utilise their accountant to make decisions and mitigate risk. Finally, the group discusses recent changes in the business landscape due to COVID 19 and how this might affect public practice in the long term. The podcast concludes with a head to head between Ollie and Michael Bode in another round of TaxBanter Trivia.

Hosts: Michael Bode, Michael Messner

Guest: Ollie Visser, CFO @ Video Pro Group

Recorded: 28 May 2020

Tax Yak – Episode 42: Not-for-profits and the economic stimulus measures

In this episode of Tax Yak, Michael Doran of TaxEd speaks with Jennifer Moltisanti of the Australian Taxation Office about the range of economic stimulus measures to support Not-for-profits. This episode will assist accounting practitioners to manage tax related matters for their NFP and charity clients, including eligibility, enrolment and reporting for the JobKeeper payment scheme.


Host: Michael Doran

Guest: Jennifer Moltisanti, Assistant Commissioner, Not-for-Profit Centre and Government

Recorded: 28 May 2020

Tax Yak – Episode 41: Eligible Business Participant vs Employee

Lee and the two Michaels discuss when an eligible business participant under Jobkeeper legislation could in fact be an employee and what the consequences, advantages and disadvantages of this would be. They discuss the underlying legislation, applicable case law, rulings and the potential approach from the ATO on this matter.

To finish off the episode they engage to see who takes the tax trivia crown for this episode.

Host: Michael Bode

Guest: Lee-Ann Hayes and Michael Messner, Senior Tax Trainers

Recorded: 15 May 2020

Tax Yak – Episode 40: COVID-19 and JobKeeper Scheme Employment law issues

In this episode of Tax Yak, Nicole Rowan does not yak about tax, but instead about employment law issues arising from COVID-19 and specifically from the JobKeeper scheme. Patrick Turner from Maurice Blackburn joins this Yak to provide a useful overview of current employment law issues and to answer your questions to help employers navigate these difficult times and stay within the law.

Host: Nicole Rowan

Guest: Patrick Turner, Senior Associate, Maurice Blackburn

Recorded: 30 April 2020


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