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New instant asset write-off

Background Small business entities (SBEs) may choose to apply the simplified depreciation provisions and calculate deductions for the decline in value of their depreciating assets under Subdiv 328-D of the ITAA 1997 instead of Div 40. This requires them to:...

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Progress of bills pre-Budget

Accompanying podcast Note that our accompanying Tax Yak podcast episode 14 titled Parliamentary status of bills pre-Budget discusses all of these measures. Background As we move closer to a Federal Election (expected on either 11 or 18 May 2019), there are...

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Labor’s tax and superannuation policies

Note: This blog article was edited on 17/04/19 to include recent developments. Timing of election This year, Australian voters will elect members of the 46th Parliament. According to s. 28 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, an election for...

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MYEFO 2018–2019

On 17 December 2018, the Government released the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2018–19 (MYEFO). The MYEFO provides updated information on the Government’s fiscal position and includes policy decisions taken since the 2018–19 Federal Budget was handed...

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2018 Year-end Parliamentary wrap-up

That's a wrap! Now that the Federal Parliament has risen for the summer break, this is an opportune time to take stock of the key outstanding tax and superannuation measures. According to the draft Parliamentary sittings for 2019, Parliament is scheduled to...

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Some movement on Div 7A … at last!

Some movement on Div 7A … at last! On 22 October 2018, the Treasury released a consultation paper titled Targeted amendments to the Division 7A integrity rules. The paper sets out the Government’s proposed implementation of the amendments to improve the...

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