In-house tax training.

High quality tax training tailored to your business and delivered at your convenience.

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Industry leading training material

Face to face or online sessions

Tailored to your firm's specific issues

Covering all levels, from grads to partners

Discover better tax training.

In-house tax training, our most popular offering, is the best value for firms of 5 or more. We come to you and deliver a Tax Update, along with a Special Topic tailored to your firm’s client base and needs.

Maintaining up to date, high quality training is key to keeping your firm ahead and your staff engaged and informed.

We understand that each firm is different, so we allow you to choose the topics, times, dates and locations to suit your specific needs.

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What are the benefits of TaxBanter’s in-house training?

  • We come to you

    We facilitate the session at your firm or online depending on your needs and (in current times) government regulations.

  • The best training materials in the industry

    Our technical papers support every session you attend; you'll be able to reference them for years after the session. Our dedicated team of writers updates our content weekly - so you'll never miss a beat.

  • Extensive team of trainers

    We offer exceptional levels of variety and specialisation in all areas of tax law. When setting up your sessions, our team selects a trainer that's an expert in your areas of interest and trains the style you prefer.

  • Relevant to your client base

    Client queries can be raised and discussed confidentially in the context of the training session and examples can be provided around real-life scenarios that are relevant to your staff.

  • Staff engagement

    In-house training makes it easy for your entire staff to stay on top of current tax issues and the latest changes. We can train at any level and have clients ranging from grads to partners.

  • Receive materials in advance

    Our training materials are delivered prior to your session so you can raise any questions you have on the material.

  • Tax Library access

    All of your training materials are also stored on our Tax Library, which your entire team will have access to. It's a quick and convenient way to search for the information you need.

This is entirely up to you and your needs. Training sessions can be scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or upon request and are usually conducted over a two or three hour period.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are continuing our in-house sessions through our online training platform. There has never been a more important time to keep your staff up-to-date on the current tax landscape!

Pricing and expressions of interest

In-house training is typically set up on an annual basis, and programs are renewed each December.

Pricing is structured based on the training duration, number of sessions per year, and your location.

To discuss pricing and how we may tailor a training program to suit your needs, contact us.

Interested in a trial session or have any further questions for us? Send us your details through this form and we’ll be in contact.

Additional resources and FAQs

Click here for our FAQ page.

Our in-house clients also get access to Tax Library, an online platform where you can view and search through all of your past training materials.

Our 2021 and 2022 Special Topic schedules can be found below. We encourage our in-house clients to utilise the schedules, however you can also choose from our topic library below at any time with notice.

Sessions can be made up of:

Past special topics from our Library

Available for our in-house training clients on request, and with notice.