Tracey Morton

Tracey began her working career after completing Year 12. After several years working in Administration, she travelled to London working at ING Bank as an Executive Assistant, then moved to Germany for two years working at an Italian Café. Tracey moved back to Melbourne working for Planwell Technology for 4 years as a Project Co-ordinator then moved to nbn working for them for past ten years in the Commercial Team looking after Contracts within the IT Department.

Tracey joined Tax Banter June this year 2022 working within the Administration Team along side Claire helping her with setting up Training Sessions.

Outside office hours Tracey enjoys golf, cooking and catching up with friends.

Belinda Smith

After completing VCE in 2004, Belinda began working with Webb Martin Training as an Administration Assistant in the production team. Over the following nine years, Belinda has progressed to the role of Training Operations Manager, and experienced numerous mergers and acquisitions – having worked under the banner of Webb Martin Training, Tribeca, Kaplan professional, and now TaxBanter.

TaxBanter benefits greatly from Belinda’s unique and valuable experience gained from her role evolving under the perspectives of many banners.

Paula Guzman

As a current Bachelor of Business student at Torrens University, Paula brings a wealth of diverse experiences, marked by academic excellence and a degree in Social Studies. Her professional journey includes honing management, marketing, and customer service skills in Colombia, providing a robust foundation for her current role. Passionate about establishing genuine client relationships, Paula’s guiding principles center around integrity and empathy, shaping decisions that prioritize exceptional service.

Outside of the professional realm, Paula’s interests contribute to a well-rounded lifestyle. A love for travel broadens her perspectives, while regular workouts keep her energized. Her keen interest in fashion reflects an appreciation for creativity and self-expression. Additionally, indulging in the finer things in life, such as wine tasting, serves as a means of relaxation. This unique blend of academic dedication, professional skills, and personal passions defines her approach to challenges and opportunities, showcasing a dynamic and multifaceted individual ready to contribute meaningfully in both professional and personal spheres.

Victoria Stevens

In her previous work life, Vic worked in Tokyo, Japan teaching conversational English to a wide age group – from toddlers to seniors – but it was when she moved to Melbourne in late 2016 when she decided to embark her journey in the world of business administration.

After an intensive course, she started working as an office administrator in a small company, but it was not long until it was time for her to move on and expand her repertoire. It was then, ladies and gentlemen, that she had found herself working with an amazing team in TaxBanter in mid 2018.

Part of her role is keeping our Tax Library up to date with tax articles and special topics, and finalising/formatting the training materials is what she does best.

Mark Hua

Meet Mark, a strategic management expert with a Bachelor’s degree in Management, specialising in Strategic Management acquired from New Zealand and Boston, USA.

With over a decade of experience in New Zealand’s financial advisory sector and a diverse portfolio of 600 clients, Mark has honed his skills in sales, business development, and client relationships.

Beyond the office, Mark is a worldly individual travelling to many places, a passionate foodie, bit of a surfie and amateur rock-climbing enthusiast. His commitment to excellence and dedication to client success make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Lacey Jarvis

With a background in public relations and photography, Lacey holds a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from Kent State University (USA). She also holds a mini MBA in Brand Management, and is always keen to gain further industry knowledge. She’s been part of the TaxBanter team since 2018.

Lacey currently contributes to and leads a variety of projects, along with managing all marketing/branding strategy for both TaxBanter and the wider Diverger group.

In her free time, she enjoys stand up paddleboarding, reading, hiking, and brewing craft beer.

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